A statement of pure kufr


The Islamoholic used to know this man as an astute person of the deen in the past. But what he had uttered here is pure kufr, na’uzubillahi min zaalik! Does he not realise that such ambiguous statements are a total detriment to Tawhid??!!

Muslims do not believe that Jesus alaihissalaam was ever killed at the cross in the first place, so how could he, by any stretch of the imagination, be “risen”?

The person that The Islamoholic knew ten years ago would never write a statement of such deviancy and white-wash it with an “Islamic” interpretation, under the guise of “building bridges between religions”!

Truly, the person in question had changed a lot over the years. The Islamoholic absolves himself from his actions and The Islamoholic swears that by God, he do not know this man!

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