Sufis are actually Hindus in disguise

Don’t believe the Islamoholic? Look what a Hindu has to say about it for yourself!

hindus in disguise
What Sufism is in a nutshell, Hindus in disguise!

Frankly, the Islamoholic is not too surprised about this at all. Several years ago, the Islamoholic was involved in an online polemical exchange with a self-professed Buddhist. She expressed her utmost hatred for Islam, but added the caveat that she “does not mind Sufis at all”.

The Islamoholic find this dichotomy to be a bit disturbing but never bothered to look into it until the Islamoholic started researching about it years later.

Today, the Islamoholic is pretty much convinced that Sufism has serious defects in their Weltanshaaung, to the point that it has received the redha of the kufaar. Sufis are in reality Hindus in disguise And if the kufaar are able to see a difference between “Sufism” and Islam, well….

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